We provide clients with comprehensive tax solutions compatible with their business. We analyse the available options in the light of Polish, European and international law regulations. We think strategically. We think about the present and the future.

The scope of our support in the context of intra-group settlements covers among others:

  • analysis of corporate income tax settlements in the context of sources of income (capital gains and other) and verification of prepared corporate income tax calculations;
  • analysis of intra-group transactions in the context of limitations of tax-deductible expenses incurred for financing and intangible services;
  • support in the settlement of the “minimum” corporate income tax by entities possess commercial real estate;
  • verification of whether the entrepreneur’s activities may constitute R&D activities;
  • identification of eligible costs (tax deductible expenses) subject to double deduction, and support in the settlement of R&D relief in the annual tax return;
  • support in selecting intellectual property rights that may subject to IP BOX;
  • income tax reviews and tax reviews regarding the applicability of anti-abusive tax regulations including a general anti-avoidance clause (GAAR).